About Northway Capital Detailing

Thank you for visiting the online home of Northway Capital. Considering we are a mobile company, it’s nice to have a home…even though it’s virtual. If you’re new here, welcome. Northway Capital Detailing is a detailing company specializing in environmentally products and we’re mobile – to serve you best.

At Northway we take great pride in giving our clients a great service – a beautifully cleaned car, as close to brand new as it can get. Northway started one day as a simple wash of the family car. It hadn’t been done in a while so the time and effort that went into getting it cleaned was immense. But it was while cleaning the grime and dirt that I realized I enjoyed it…not only the process but the final product of a nicely clean car that sparkled. From that moment, it turned into a passion, and its where my journey started in looking for proper cleaning and detailing techniques and ultimately creating Northway Capital, a premiere mobile detailing company.

It’s our goal is to give our clients the convenience of us removing an item on their never ending to do list, which is cleaning and taking care of your vehicle. We strive to continually improve our service offerings to give client’s the best quality at a fair price. Fully licensed, you can be sure that we take our work very seriously. We also provide peace of mind by using environmentally friendly options (waterless wash and steam cleaning) and products free of chemicals that are biodegradable and pass the strict EPA laws.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website for your auto detailing needs. We are excited to give your vehicle the care and treatment it deserves.

We offer 2 convenient options:

  1. Fixed property in Ajax where we have all the tools to complete the job
  2. Mobility – We come to you to provide all your cleaning and maintenance cleaning needs

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We are proud to sell professional grade car care products to better serve the beginner, car enthusiasts and even to profession detailers.